Petrol Station Maximum Value

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Petrol Station Valuation


Without a detailed valuation for your business, you may not secure the maximum value of your business. We provide a combination of financial expertise and industry knowledge. Our experience + our expertise = your success.

Most experts agree that the starting point for valuing a business is to normalize or recast the business’s earnings to get a number called the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE). SDE is the pre-tax earnings of the business before non-cash expenses, owner’s compensation and financial gain, interest expense and income, or one-time expenses that aren’t expected to continue in the future.

Businesses owners report expenses on their tax returns with an eye fixed towards reducing their tax burden. This means they usually claim many deductions that lower the business’s income on the tax return. For this reason, using financial gain numbers from a business’s tax return can underestimate how much revenue the business really produces.

SDE offer you a far better idea of the business’s true profit potential by calculating the business’s income by adding back in expenses listed on the tax return that is not necessary to run the business. It also adds back to the owner’s salary and any one-time expenses that aren’t expected to recur in the future.

We start by developing comprehensive Seller’s Discretionary Earnings and business presentation materials and take a proactive approach to promoting and marketing the business. We actively engaging interested buyers through various marketing medium – our many contacts within our petrol station network, local businesses for sale advertising and social media. We carefully pre-qualify each potential buyer, screening them to make sure they are financially capable to purchase the business and requiring every buyer to sign our strict non-disclosure agreement.

Once pre-qualify buyers are identified, our goal is to prepare three or more offers for every business to maximize your chance of selling the business.

Once an offer is accepted by the seller we move forward to the due diligence process, we work together with the buyer and seller and their accountants to move the deal through as quick as possible. You benefit directly from our in-depth transactional negotiation that enables us to streamline the selling process.

With Cyrus Brokers you’re assured that the deal will be accelerated for closing. The faster the sale, the lower the risk the seller will have with employee issues, customer and predatory competition. We’re here to help you. Businesses We List Turns to SOLD!


In accordance with Section 34 A of the Estate Agency Affairs Act 112 of 1976. Section 1(vi) provides that;

Anyone who practices as a agent-broker-consultant-adviser-agency in South Africa who is not in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate, disqualify from claiming any commission, consulting fee or referral fee on the relevant dealings if he/she/they do not hold a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. No party is entitled to any commission, consulting fee or referral fee unless he/she/they hold a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Failing they are operating illegally.

The seller will have to properly account for SARS for any fees and provide SARS with proof that the agent-broker-consultant-adviser-agency they paid the commission, consulting fee or referral fee too, had a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Failure to do so could prove to be very costly!

If there is any doubt as for whether or not a agent-broker-consultant-adviser-agency have a valid fidelity fund certificate, do not hesitate to contact the Estate Agency Affairs Board or your Attorney to confirm and verify the registration status.

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